Lochnaw Castle

Lochnaw Spring Specials! Some of the specimen fish to grace the bank between March and May 2012.

Another Ashton Lochnaw Monster Roach brace. Early April 2012 Ashton 3 x 3's Just a puppy! Wait till his folks show up. Simon Ashton with a 2lb 14oz Perch caught early March 2012 Lawrence Montague's stunning 5lb+ Brown Trout Simon Ashton Brace of p.b equalling 2lb 12oz Roach caught on Easter Saturday  early March 2012 The Holy Grail! Lawrence Montague with a new Roach p.b of 2lb 8oz caught early April 2012. Kevin McArdle, Lochnaw Fishery Consultant, with a spring best roach of 3lb 8oz. IYCF Magazine Front Cover shot of Ashton roach brace 3lb 7oz & 3lb 1oz Ashton's 6 of the best! Scott Ashworth's 5lb nocturnal brownie 3lb 4oz Personal Best Roach Scott Ashworth Scott Ashworth's first Roach on the waggler off the boat. A cracker at 2lb 10oz! John Ashworth breaks a 35 year pb with this stunner at 2lb 8oz Mike Townsend with a 3lb 2oz Roach Mike Townsend with a 3lb 4oz cracker Mike Townsend with a top Roach trio: 2lb 4oz, 2lb 12oz, 3lb 4oz