Lochnaw Castle

Glorious Summer 2012. (The fishing not the weather!). The fishery was rested from mid May to early June to allow the silver fish to spawn in peace and then the anglers arrived!

Neil Billington's 3lb 2oz early June Roach Chuffed! 2lb 13oz the best of 6 2lb+ Roach caught on Keith Jobling's 1st night at Lochnaw 2lb-8oz Roach John Found's first  Lochnaw 2 2lb-14oz Roach pb for John Found Phil Smith's 2lb-11oz Roach. Not bad for starters! Phil Smith with a 2lb-13oz Roach 2lb-13oz again! Same weight different Roach for Phil Smith Just 6 of Keith Jobling's epic haul of 24 2lb+ Roach Keith Jobling's boilie caught perch! Look at the gob on that! Keith Jobling's Roach pb 2lb 14oz Warren Gaunt's 3lb 2oz Roach Pure Gold! Another 3 pounder for Wol. James Champkin Roach pb 2lb 13oz 2lb 11oz and 2lb 10oz glorious Champkin Roach brace James Champkin's  2lb 13oz beauty Fine Goldson Roach trio 2lb 10oz 2lb 9oz 2lb 8oz 2lb 10oz Goldson Roach double Gareth Goldson's pb equalling 3lb 2oz roach A very hungry spotty! Ian Baldie's 4lb 4oz post spawning Perch Phil Cryer's 2lb 8oz brace Sam Soden's 2lb 8oz Roach Phil Cryer's 2lb 11oz roach pb Sam Soden's 2lb 14oz stunner Sam Soden's best brace 2lb 15oz and 2lb 12oz