Lochnaw Castle

Autumn Gold. After a Spring and Summer that saw almost 200 2lb+ and 20 3lb+ redfins banked difficult fishing conditions as the weather turned made every specimen catch hard earned but they still kept on coming!

Looks big but great shot of John Found's 1st September fish 2lb-15oz Phil Smith's 1st fish of his 2nd trip and Lochnaw pb at 2lb-14oz 2nd roach for John Found at 2lb-15oz Phil Smith 's 2lb-13oz Phil Smith's 2nd 2lb-13oz Phil Smith's 2nd 2lb-14oz Pete Reading with his 2lb-14oz still water roach pb John Found's gorgeous 3lb roach pb Double top! Brian Steale and Paul Houghton with fine roach pbs of 3lb and 2lb 14oz Dave Kearns with his impressive 2lb 12oz roach pb Paul Houghton with an awesome overnight 5 fish roach haul averaging almost 2lb 14oz Paul Cottom with another pb at 2lb 10oz In a loch full of stunners there has to be 1 ugly sister but in the eyes of their captors pbs are always beautiful! Dave Pratt's 2lb 8oz roach Joe Winstanley's pristine November 2lb 7.5oz roach pb Phil Smith's 2lb-14oz November roach 3 at last! Phil Smith's fine 3lb roach finale to his 2012 Lochnaw campaign