Lochnaw Castle

Lochnaw Castle Loch, one of the most scenic fisheries in the British Isles, will be opening to coarse anglers for the very first time in late Spring 2012.

Long neglected and rarely fished in decades, our future guests will have the exciting opportunity to fish for a variety of uncaught and largely unknown specimen fish that have, hitherto, been largely undisturbed by rod and line.

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Set amid beautiful ancient Beech woods and Rhododendron in the rolling hills of the unspoilt Rhins of Galloway in South West Scotland, the owners of this very private estate are now making the loch available to general anglers on a very limited and exclusive basis, the income from which will be utilised in the ongoing restoration and regeneration of the loch.

Traditionally home to canny native Galloway Brown Trout and bred on Loch Leven Brown Trout, originally sourced from the world famous Howietoun Hatchery near Stirling, the loch also contains some exceptional specimen Roach, Perch and Eels of potentially record breaking proportions.

In order to maintain the exclusivity of the fishery and the intimate ambience of its' semi-wild and natural setting, the owners are now providing a comfortable estate lodge, adjacent to the loch, for a maximum of 4 discerning anglers for their sole use of the loch during the course of their stay. No day ticket fishing is allowed. Both coarse and fly anglers are welcome. Because of the environment and nature of the fishing at Lochnaw it would be ideally suited to the more confident, enterprising and experienced angler.

If the challenge of targeting immaculate uncaught fish, with the chance of snaring a 'monster' in a stunning natural environment and with the knowledge that you will also be assisting in the restoration of a magnificent historic fishery, then a holiday at Lochnaw Castle Loch may be exactly what you are looking for. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a long term association with us.